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Harry Potter eBooks Not DRM-Free

June 23, 2011: SHOCK: Harry Potter eBooks DRM-FREE!

That was the hype. This is the reality, today:

Confirmed: Harry Potter eBooks Are NOT DRM-Free in Kindle Format (Or Any Other eBookstore)

I’m not buying them. I have no interest in them.

What I want to know is, if someone gives up their Kindle and switches to ePub, can they still download the ePub from Pottermore — where it is DRM-free?

As for the watermarking done on the Pottermore editions, I’d like someone to unzip the ePub and let me know how they’re doing it. I suspect something in the CSS or another exterior file.


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Rooted Nook Touch Multitouch PDF Reading

I was waiting for someone to try a PDF on a rooted Nook Touch with the new multitouch hack — and I didn’t have to wait long at all.

B&N Nook Touch Rooting Category

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Harry Potter eBooks: The eBookstores

J.K. Rowling’s crew surprised everyone by launching the Harry Potter eBooks today:

Let’s see how awake all the eBookstores were to capitalize on this huge opportunity!

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This Was Sony

The company that has become largely irrelevant is in the news again today, with a piece alternately touting its possible revival or its imminent death by financial vultures.

Special Report: The Sony Schism

Through the magic of Google Books, let’s take a brief look at Sony in history.

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