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Stupidity Can Lead To Extraordinary Things

Interview: Stephen La Rivière on Supermarionation, Gerry Anderson and more

Anyway, in 2002, I got an e-mail from the PR company working for Revelation Films. It constantly gives me brainache to think that one’s entire life can be changed by something so random. Revelation were releasing Terrahawks on DVD and so I enquired if I might have a review copy. They sent one, I wrote a review and shoved in on the website.

The special features were dreadful, at a time that the Doctor Who DVDs were starting to hit their stride. I couldn’t work out why there weren’t any interviews on the set. So I wrote to the PR company, who, in turn, passed me over to Revelation.

I can’t remember the exact specifics, but I basically told them that I could make them a documentary — this being despite the fact that I knew no one that had worked on Terrahawks, and, perhaps more significantly, had never made a documentary or any kind of film in my life.

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Google Wants Another Cut Of The Four-Device World

Quad-Core Android Tablet Costing $200 May Arrive This Summer

… the story is that ASUS will be manufacturing a Nexus Tablet for Google. That alone is kind of interesting since Samsung has always been Google’s go-to manufacturer for Android “reference devices,” but what’s really interesting to me are the specs. Android & Me’s sources say it’s going to be a Tegra 3 quad-core device with a 7″ 1280×800 screen running pure Android 4. The price? $199. In other words, the same price as the dual-core Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet.

That sounds like a pretty aggressive price to me, but before you dismiss it as unlikely consider that ASUS was showing off a similarly spec’d device – the MeMo 370T – at CES that it said was going to sell for $249. The Nexus Tablet sounds like it could be the same hardware, so perhaps Google is subsidizing the tablet to get that price down.

I’ve been wondering what happened to the CES 2012-hyped Asus quad-core Tegra 3″ 7″ tablet for US$249. The last word — from MWC 2012 — was that it was delayed until Q3 of this year.

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