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Poppy Northcutt Of NASA

Going through some issues of Life magazine at Google Books, I came across this in the September 4, 1970 issue:

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The strike referred to the photo caption was a Women’s Rights protest held at the time.

She was the first woman to work in an operational capacity for NASA, as a contractor from TRW.

A quick search revealed that Poppy — now known as Frances — went on to get a law degree.

And there’s a video interview with her here.


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Ed Thorp And Blackjack: Life Magazine 1964

It’s the March 27, 1964 issue of Life.

It’s too long to OCR, but an image of the first page is after the break.

Ed Thorp is connected to just about everything these days. You will have come across his name in books by both Ben Mezrich and Thomas A. Bass.

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Keyboard Portability In 1967

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The Death Of The Hacker: InfoWorld 1985

Update: Date typo in post title fixed!

I came across this on Google Books, going through some old issues of InfoWorld I’d read back in the day:

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For those who want text, see after the break.

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Big Today, Forgotten Tomorrow

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That’s a full-page ad for a novel, from the November 13, 1978 issue of New York Magazine.

Publishers would rarely do that.

Here it is, 2012, and where are these two?

Such obscurity is inevitable for all those braying about their self-publishing success today too.

But it will be even worse: There won’t be ads like those to pull up to remind people they once existed.

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