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Indie Print Bookstores: You’re All Gonna Die

Google: No more e-books for indie booksellers

Google says “looking at the results to-date, it’s clear that the reseller program has not met the needs of many readers or booksellers.” That could be translated as “the sales weren’t what we expected.” Google’s share of the e-book market in the United States remains tiny.

Well, that’s what happens when you jump aboard the Google Boat!

Those of you outside of following eBook developments have little idea of how big a deal this Google tie-in was supposed to be.

Incredibly, many independent print bookstores actually thought this would be the lifeline that would save them from being swallowed up by Amazon with whatever remained nibbled by Barnes & Noble.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make screensnaps of the indie bookstore sites I visited the first day this went active. It was clear that none of the indies had a clue of how to compete and that this program wouldn’t save a single one of them.

Now the Google Titanic has finally had to admit it created its own iceberg and has thrown its partners overboard to drown.

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