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Yes, I Will Fight An Old Man


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How The Big Six Of Publishing Can Save Themselves


Since no one has stepped up to accept that offer…

Robin Bradford reminded me today of something I was thinking about last night before sleep:



After the break, the Absolutely Only Way The Big Six Can Save Themselves.

Which I expect them to ignore.

But still.

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Ab Phablet

Yeah, boo the post title all you want!

Previously here:

Tech Fondles: Galaxy Note & Lumia 900 Phones
Tech Fondle: Galaxy Note Phone, Again
Gee, Were The People Right After All?
Samsung’s Galaxy Note Phone Is A Monster Hit

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Rat’s Nest

Saw a tweet pass by yesterday, someone railing about the rat’s nest of wires they have.

This is mine:

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Occupy Wall Street: April 15, 2012

All photos taken today Sunday, April 15, 2012 at Slightly Later Than Yesterday O’Clock. Resampled and resized to VGA; click any to enlarge.

Baal the Bull is still being protected:

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