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R.I.P. TV Host Dick Clark

Dick Clark Dies of “Massive Heart Attack” — Dead at Age 82

Everyone will trot out American Bandstand.

I loved him for a game show.

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Again: They Are ALL The Man

Incredible account: Seattle Rex vs. Apple: The Verdict Is In

And this should be remembered not only about Apple, but every tech company that has risen or wants to rise to the top:

The obsessiveness of crushing all perceived enemies, no matter how big or small, regardless of whether they are wrong or right, should be of concern to all iFans and financiers. It’s getting to the point where it’s really, really just sick.

Gone are the days of the scrappy underdog, throwing a hammer through the window of conformity, and what has emerged is … well, it’s far worse than what it was rebelling against.

Apple has become the Orwellian nightmare that it warned us about some 30 years ago. A huge vehicle of sameness backed by legions of newthink practitioners, gleefully cheering as Big Bully annihilates one thoughtcriminal after another.

Apple has a hostile record concerning freedom of speech and publishing.

Amazon has pulled Kindle Books by independent writers.

PayPal tried to decide what books people could buy with their own money.

Every single company is The Man as far as I’m concerned.

Every single company needs to be routed around, as the Internet can route around damage to the network.

We should not be under any company’s thumb when it comes to earning a living or being able to express ourselves.

No matter what smiley-smiley PR make-good Apple comes up with — even by having Tim Cook himself make this right — the damage has already been done and this is something that people will never forget.


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