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Occupy Wall Street: April 16, 2012

Screensnaps taken from @timcast Ustream livestream near 8:45PM EDST today.

The NYPD, in violation of a prior court ruling, prevented Occupy from sleeping anywhere on the sidewalk in the Wall Street area (and probably elsewhere too).

About eighty Occupiers have assembled on the steps of Federal Hall — Federal, not NYC, property and jurisdiction — and are trying to decide what to do.

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The Worst Article About The eBooks Anti-Trust Suit

It comes from the New York Times today — Book Publishing’s Real Nemesis — and is manufactured by David Carr, who has a shocking ignorance of eBook history, recent history, and is plainly biased towards the status quo.

The Justice Department finally took aim at the monopolistic monolith that threatened to dominate the book industry. So imagine the shock when the bullet aimed at threats to competition went whizzing by Amazon — which not long ago had a 90 percent stranglehold on e-books — and instead, struck five of the six biggest publishers and Apple, a minor player in the realm of books.

That’s the modern equivalent of taking on Standard Oil but breaking up Ed’s Gas ’N’ Groceries on Route 19 instead.

What the hell is this guy talking about?

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