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Occupy Wall Street: April 12, 2012

All photos taken today Thursday, April 12, 2012. Resampled and resized to VGA; click any to enlarge. Photos appear in the order they were taken.

I went into Manhattan today and during my travels decided to check out Wall Street because my Twitterstream had been filled with news of Occupy Wall Street actually sleeping there.

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Amazon Is Not All Of eBooks

Everyone fearing Amazon dominating eBooks again or being the “only” seller of eBooks needs the following reminders:

1) The population of iOS devices is a multiple of all eInk devices combined.

2) iOS devices are now the largest outlet for eBooks, not Amazon. That we have not seen Apple “dominate” eBooks is due to Agency pricing and the size and price of the current iPad. If Apple decides to release a smaller, less expensive iPad (or larger iPod Touch), it will become the “new Kindle.” The reason why the iPod Touch has not become that is because it’s much smaller than the 6″ eInk screen people have become accustomed to. The iPod Touch does not make people think “book.”

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