Occupy Wall Street: April 12, 2012

All photos taken today Thursday, April 12, 2012. Resampled and resized to VGA; click any to enlarge. Photos appear in the order they were taken.

I went into Manhattan today and during my travels decided to check out Wall Street because my Twitterstream had been filled with news of Occupy Wall Street actually sleeping there.

Hmmm… so where are they?

I really expected to see some people with signs standing around, but no.

Then I turned around and BOOM!

And — yes!!! — they had placards!

They go all the way back to that building wall.

Here is the aerial view of the area from Google Maps:

That wide street going off towards the upper left? That’s Wall Street.

Yes: They are finally and actually occupying Wall Street!!

Raising the banner:

And all the placards are on-message!

A view towards Wall Street:

From the endpoint of their space:

They’ve been there four days. NYPD hasn’t kicked them out. There was a court case several years ago that ruled for someone who had to sleep on the street — in favor of that person. As long as they were not blocking the sidewalk, NYPD could not roust the person. Frankly, I’m shocked NYPD is actually obeying the law.

Now that I know they’re there, I’ll make it a point to go there during the weekends to get new photos.

Meanwhile, over at Liberty Plaza:

No Occupiers:

But lots of NYPD murdering electrons, running their flashers while parked:

It’s going to be very interesting to see what develops with Occupy this year, especially with that presence now established at Wall Street itself.

I hope the Suits are shamed and shamed and shamed.

Update (same day): I’d forgotten that one of the Occupiers told me they were in the New York Times today. They were! Here’s a screensnap and the link.

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3 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: April 12, 2012

  1. richfinck

    Thanks for this. Wondered what happened to them. Appears they may have neutralized NYPD. IMHO they are on the right page now. I hope they get some additional funding. Publicity is exactly what they need. OWS go get those crooked bastards.

  2. Is that furniture in the photos? A table, a chair, a bed? How can they keep that on the sidewalk?

    • mikecane

      Yes. Today, 4/16, NYPD has gotten tough with Occupy, so I don’t expect to see that there — if I see anything at all, even people — when I next go there.

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