Onda V975w: Driver Package

It turns out there’s a package of drivers for the Onda V975w. This was revealed on the Onda forum when an owner complained of Bluetooth not working [Google Translate].

To get the download package, go to the page for the Onda V97w:


Once there, click on the third tab, highlighted in red below:


This will display the downloads (partial image):


And that gray bar is actually another bunch of selections with this one, highlighted in red below, leading to the driver download (partial image):


The driver download:


Here it is:


And here I’ve roughly replaced the text with Google Translate English:


The instructions are in the download, which I’m not going to get and peek at, so V975w owners are on their own. The instructions are bound to be in Chinese. If it’s a file with text that can be copied, it can be pasted into Google or Bing Translate.

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6 responses to “Onda V975w: Driver Package

  1. Hey Mike,
    just wanted to let you know that my 975W arrived 2 days ago.
    But I got some issues I’m trying to figure out. Initially its Chinese language and you have to install the language pack and all of that in annoying symbols I don’t understand. But I got that and it seemed to work fine. Until some reboots and after I updated the BIOS / drivers. Suddenly it didn’t boot windows anymore. I’m now trying to recover the original installation.
    I think something is still not running smoothly … it seems the storage controller. In windows everything is fine and smooth. Hopefully the next BIOS / driver updates will help.

  2. Tracey

    Hi Mike,
    I decided to purchase from TMall (since it’s cheaper), but after some enquiry with the chinese seller, I was told that they only provide the Chinese version of Windows 8.1. Do you have any idea whether is it possible to re-install and replace the Chinese version with English one for V975w?

  3. bernie

    i have problem to my v975w no sound and no touch screen

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