Google Play Gift Cards: No Credit Card Required

Amazon requires customers to have a credit card in order to use Amazon Gift Cards at its Android App Store. They claim that’s their method of geo-restricting sales — tying them to a U.S.-issued card.

Google Play Gift Cards will not have that restriction.

Google Play gift cards

If you don’t already have a Google Wallet account, you’ll be prompted to set one up by entering basic information (name and primary location) – then, under Choose a payment method, select Redeem a Google Play Gift Card, and enter the redemption code found under the scratch-off section of your gift card.

Everyone who has been shut out of the Amazon Android App Store due to lack of plastic now have an alternative, straight from Google itself.

It will be interesting to see if sales at Google Play (of apps, books, music, video) increase once these Gift Cards are widely available in stores.


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