Asus Event Sneak Peek Photos

On October 10th, Asus USA sent out a tweet for a competition to score an invite to their unveiling of Windows 8 devices in New York City.

This is the tweet I sent in reply:

Do you know what happened several days later?

This email:

Click = big

Yep, Asus took up my challenge!

So Asus had to be damn confident that what they were introducing wasn’t shit.

Asus introduced a large number of Windows 8 devices today — desktops, a unique ultrabook, and tablets. There were so many things that I’m confused as hell about what exactly I tried (aside from the desktop) and will have to consult their website tomorrow to straighten everything out in my head for my formal post.

In the meantime, here are some sneak peek photos from today’s event to tide you over.

Be here tomorrow for the full post and to find out if what I tried wasn’t shit.


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  1. Asus USA is crazy holding an event at the same time Apple announces the iPad Mini. I’m glad they invited you. That was smart of them. Looking forward to seeing your full post.

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