Superstorm Sandy: Still Not Normal On Staten Island

I had to deliver a kitten to an adoptee yesterday and got a ride from someone.

We also drove through a few parts of Staten Island and I took pictures mostly while in the moving car. At first I didn’t think I had anything to publish, but I went through them again and put together this collection.

We didn’t go to Midland Beach, one of the hardest hit areas. As it was, I felt awkward taking what pictures I did. But people need to know that there are still sections of Staten Island without power and people are still cleaning up after Sandy so many days later.

All photos have been resized and resampled to VGA — except for the cropped-zooms, which can be enlarged to full size.


This is not far from the water:



One of many generators powering lighting stalks:

Utility linemen at work:


Look at the size of this:


I don’t think this sales pitch will work any longer:


Where donated supplies are being distributed:

I was surprised there was only one tent and the amount of goods was smaller than I’d expected.

Dumpsters are still being filled with ruined materials:


Smashed windows:


Business cleanup:


Closed gas station, due to either no power or just no gas:

Holiday commerce tries to proceed:

While others are still dealing with the aftermath:







One of the many lighting stalks run by generators:

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And Now It’s Snow
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