The US$48 Windows Tablet


The Ployer MOMO7W, at 299 yuan. That’s about US$48. Read about it at IMP3Net [Google Translate].

This is a new price low.

Earlier this week I saw two new Windows tablets at Best Buy. One eight-inch, the other seven-inch. Neither would power on. And the seven-inch one looked and felt like junk. This is probably junk too. And Windows on a seven-inch screen will probably make you want to gouge out your eyes.

Previously here:

Ployer: US$65 Windows 8.1 Tablet



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9 responses to “The US$48 Windows Tablet

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  3. E.T.

    Note the recent thoughtful review of tablets at Their current pick is the $300 16GB Nvidia Shield Tablet with the $400 Dell Venue 8 7000 as the next alternative.
    They think the Nexus 9’s doesn’t offer enough benefits over the Shield to justify an extra $100. Unfortunately, they do not mention the high end Samsung tablets, or the MiTab, the latter probably because it is not available in the US although it is probably a worthy alternative to the Shield.
    They think the Apple’s iPads are better but also more expensive.
    I found it interesting to learn that the Tegra K1 processor has both a 32-bit and a 64-bit variants.

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