Cleverer Than All Of Us

I saw this months ago. I showed it to someone else today.

I’m still so, so, so envious.

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Roarkville: Tiny Houses


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13 responses to “Cleverer Than All Of Us

  1. It is cool, but I have to disagree with the guy on one thing: some people do pay off their mortgage in 30 years (or less). By saving and forgoing things like luxury items and expensive meals out, my husband and I managed to pay off our mortgage in 15 years.

  2. Luke

    The real American dream?
    No loans, not a big carbon footprint, …., almost totally free.
    On the other hand not everyone can do this otherwise economy would collapse.
    Wait a second, are we in a good economy, the debt meter keeps on going.
    A lot of variables and discussion but I surely admire this guy for being humble and thinking differently.

  3. Keishon

    Yep, working for all the crap you really don’t need. This is great. I’d take his house and go even further by living off the grid. No more ebooks! Cell phones, TV or internet.

    • Don’t be entirely barbaric! Gotta have TV for news/weather, Internet for news/weather, and eBooks — well, in a small house, you can’t have a huge print library, so e. And living off the grid would include plumbing too. I don’t think too many people would be fond of composting toilets. I like to flush. And to shower.

      • Luke

        Exactly, it’s perfectly doable to live of the grid. I’m currently helping someone in SA to do that. And it’s not going to have a big impact on luxury, only on the bill.
        Especially in sunny areas it’s perfectly possible and actually easy, ok it is an investment, but one that pays off guaranteed and quickly.
        A couple of 250 Watt solar panels, couple of car batteries, inverter and you’re up and running. A laptop can consume as little as 20 to 30 Watt. … which you can also use as a TV and stereo.
        Couple of led bulbs, a real toilet and shower
        Converting an electric boiler into a solar boiler … watertemp 80C or 176F today I heard so we will need to bring that down.
        The smaller the house the easier it becomes. Some people rather keep paying their bills until they can’t anymore while they could have been living easier and more efficient.
        This is no lesson in being green. I think we are too many on this planet and we are all stressing this planet too much. Now back to your fridges and 60 inch plasma TV’s. Maybe it’s the reason why I don’t like cities and we should all take 1 step back in life and be more self efficient instead of going to banks and make other people richer.

      • I like my fridge, so you can hold that against me. No big TV, tho. There are many vids on YouTube about living off the grid. Not sure if I could be one of those people — yet.

  4. Luke

    Mike, the guy in SA that I am talking about is not one that lives in a shed.
    I am talking about 3 fridges, 2 large and 1 outside at the pool. The fact is that so much energy is wasted. He got down from 3 electrical boilers 2500 Watt for an hour a day to … almost 0 without sacrificing on luxury.
    I would suggest everyone to buy a power meter that you can just put in a wall socket and start measuring devices. You’ll be amazed on what is actually thrown away.

    • Wow. 3 fridges off the grid? Impressive.

      • Luke

        Those new ones don’t really consume a lot. It’s things like his tumbler dryer that was 5500 Watt and was now replaced by one with another much more efficient heat pump = 1800 Watt which will only be used when it’s not possible to dry clothes outside.
        I recommend everyone to check their fridges and other appliances. Fridges power consumption have more than halved in the last decade and it might be cheaper to buy a new one than to keep this old one because you like it. Same thing with amplifiers, now all class d instead of class AB, efficiency went from approx. 50% to about 80 to 90% and with almost 0 power usage when no sound. Finally I would say.

      • I saw a chart this week that I’m sure I couldn’t find again that claimed half of all electricity transmitted gets wasted just in transmission.

        This isn’t the chart, and it’s 2007, but it seems worse than I thought:

  5. davidd

    This video clip sent me on to hours of time-wasting… I mean, research on the internet. Eventually I ran across a video (and an accompanying website) about a woman who built a treehouse in Hawaii for under $20k, including the cost of the land. And she didn’t buy the property twenty or more years ago, she did this in 2014. And now she rents out her tropical getaway for $200 a night!

    I don’t know, is including links in comments allowed? I’ll try:

    I gotta do this! I mean, at $200 a night, that’s a thousand bucks a week; she’ll have paid for everything in five months or less!

    • A better YouTube link for people would be this:

      There are liability, zoning, and regulation issues when it comes to renting properties. For example, in NYC, if you rent for over 30 days, you are considered a tenant and have legal protections that someone who has rented for only 29 days doesn’t have. And I don’t even want to get into insurance issues. AFAIK, there’s only one company that will insure a TH — and they require that your house is built by one of only two firms that they have certified as building insurance-worthy structures.

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