From Tablets To Drones

PadNews: Tablet market malaise, manufacturers Go? [Google Translate]

“Tablet is not a necessity when marketing you could push to a hundred people, only one person is a potential consumer of domestic flat, and competition threshold entertainment tablet is too low, we all have to survive a price war is also common.” Gu Yong [of Ramos] said that in addition to Apple, many domestic flat demand in the low-end, there is no brand at all, pure price competition.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

A flood of craptabs.

“It must be transformed, from the beginning of last year we had foreseen this trend, while other companies are also accelerate the pace of transformation, and some do it wearable, some do UAVs, we are mainly to focus on the mobile phone on.” Gu Yong told reporters the case said.

Ramos pins its hopes on the MOS1 phone, while releasing fewer tablet models.

Customs data show that Shenzhen factory swept the country 99.9 percent of UAVs exports. This year from January to May, exports of Shenzhen drones reach 16 million units, worth 750 million yuan, respectively, 69 times and 55 times last year, exports showed blowout UAV.

A flood of cheap China crapdrones is in the works.

Again, these are electronics companies, not tablet companies. None of them need a tablet product as much as Apple does.


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  1. E.T.

    BTW, “After Taiwan and some Asian cities, the Nokia N1 will soon be ready for sale in Ireland and the UK. The N1 tablet is said to cost £219 which is about $340 in the US” (

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