iPad Mini 4: 46,000-Range AnTuTu


See the annoying video — with other benchmarks too — after the break.



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2 responses to “iPad Mini 4: 46,000-Range AnTuTu

  1. Rick

    I want to buy Ipad pro, went to a phone store, their ipad pro sold out, and they suggest ipad mini 4, the price is $500, they told me it’s great, but I don’t believe them.

    Glad I saw this benchmark, seriously 40k for $500 ? even my potato phone much faster than this (I got 110k antutu).

    • I’m not sure how iOS AnTuTu scores compare with Android or even if they can be compared. Don’t forget that Apple has customized hardware and software. An iPad’s memory bandwidth exceeds all other tablets, for example. And $500? What country are you in It’s $399 in the US, and sometimes $299 on sale at Best Buy.

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