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Windows 10 MiPad 2 Goes On Sale December 22?

That’s what Xiaomi Today is claiming: Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 will officially go on sale tomorrow: Here are all the details

64GB internal storage version: 1,299 Yuan or 200.48 USD

I will wait for the review at TECHTablets.

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Image Constraints Again

I’ve used all but 800K of my free image storage space.

It’ll be a while before I get to dig through past posts to de-Retina-ize images to free up more space.

Prepare for posts without images.

(Of course, it would always be nice if WordPress was to increase the free storage space, given this is the Day of Retina Screens.)

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Blog Notes: Oops.

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Polaroid, Edwin Land: Gone In An Instant

Over the weekend, I listened to an MP3 conversion of a talk at Google by Christopher Bonanos.

He wrote Instant: The Story of Polaroid.

It’s difficult to imagine such a massive company hitting the rocks and sinking so quickly.

But consumer videotape was the rock that sunk Polaroid like a corporate Titanic.

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Thunderbirds Are Go: Assholes Are Go!


Yes, Scott. I share your exasperation and embarrassment. You’re at the mercy of people who have no idea what the fuck they’re doing in this series.

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Free Comic Books

Six Sites With Free Digital Comics

And really, why wouldn’t you want these?

And, most of the time, they can be read on an iPad Mini-sized tablet, as my past PDF tests have shown (as long as that clone has a Retina-class screen; I wouldn’t bother with any lower-resolution screens on any tablet, even larger ones — despite this: How to Read Digital Comics on the ($50) Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet).

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Interesting Articles In China

These are all from Digital Tail (or Tale; it’s ambiguous…).

The Mini-Segway from Nineboot — of interest to people thinking about hoverboards [Google Translate].

INXNI Roomba-like robot cleaner — China wants the whole world of consumer electronics [Google Translate].

Huawei Mate 8 — the Lust Phone [Google Translate].

That weird Qwerkywriter keyboard — anyone have this? [Google Translate]

16GB Android version of the MiPad 2 — lots of beauty shot [Google Translate]


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Meizu: 20 Million Sold in 2015



Weibo web link [use Chrome browser for translation]

Meanwhile, the scuttlebutt is that Xiaomi will miss Lei Jun’s ambitious goal of selling eighty million in 2015. The Chinese tech press estimates a shortfall of around sixteen million. Did Meizu account for that?


Meizu sold over 20 Million Smartphones In 2015, Growth Rate Impressive!

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Gionee M5 Plus: The Latest Six-Inch Superphone



This seems to address the battery shortcomings of the Gionee E8, now carried by BLU as the Pure XL. Will BLU carry this one too?

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Stylepie LED Hard Warmer

This is … very weird.

An LED hand warmer!


I found it by accident on Weibo.

It’s from a company called Stylepie, which might need watching. They do very colorful and very rounded product designs.

But an LED hand warmer? Can such a beast work? How long could it last? As long as the 8-10 hours of a HotHands package?

Surprisingly, Amazon carries some Stylepie products. But not this one.

Same-day update after the break.

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