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Videos: MiPad 2 16GB Android Version Detailed Review, Windows 10 Hyped

Over at TECHTablets: Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Unboxing And First Impressions.

But there’s a separate long video review. See it after the break.

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BLU Life One X

I forget what it was that made me pay attention to this phone. Usually I ignore BLU phone unless they mention a six-inch screen.

This one has a 5.2-inch screen. And when it was introduced, it was at a special (and temporary) US$99 price. It’s now at US$149.

I have to say this is the first phone with a small screen that I find very tempting.

The back camera is apparently kick-ass killer is why. Aside from the screen also being full 1920 x 1080 HD, bright, with great contrast.

Same-day update after the break at end of post.

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MiPad 2: Xiaomi FAQ, Windows 10 Still In Testing(!)

It seems Xiaomi did a very bad job in introducing the MiPad 2. Given the short shrift it got in their final big presentation, that’s unsurprising.

So they’ve issued a FAQ — which can be viewed in English only via Chrome browser.

And this is a screwy translation:

Q8:小米平板2支持OTG数据线吗?为什么我以前在小米官网买Type-C转Micro USB的转接头,连以前的OTG数据线,不能用U盘?

A8:小米平板2支持Type-C转USB接口的OTG数据线。官网此前销售的OTG线为Micro USB转USB接口,由Type-C转Micro USB的转接头的方式不能使用OTG功能。

Q8: Millet flat 2 support OTG data cable? Why I used to buy at the official website of millet turn Micro USB Type-C adapter, even before OTG cable, you can not use U disk?

A8: Millet flat 2 support Type-C interface to USB OTG cable. Prior to the official website sales for the Micro USB OTG cable to USB port, turn the Type-C Micro USB adapter ways of OTG function can not be used.

So you also need to buy a USB-C OTG cable from Xiaomi?! And yet they promoted the ability to read flash drives via Weibo in an animated GIF without mentioning the need to buy a new cable!

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Scandinavian Crime TV From Ken Bruen!


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Jolla’s Antti Saarnio Is An Idiot

Jolla is back in business!

After I showed the cost breakdown for the Jolla Tablet project in my previous blog post, many have asked that why did we spend a big part of the tablet crowdfunding money on software development and not the tablet itself. To me this question as such does not make sense, since Sailfish OS is our product, our crown jewel, which we aim to make perfect for all of you – the tablet hardware is only a platform for the software.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Hey, you moron, you raised money for the tablet as the product, not the OS!

This company will be gone within two years.


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Archos Diamond Tab: 2016 Or Never?

Typical for Archos.

Don’t expect it ever.

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Six-Inch AMOLED Axon Max Phone Is China-Only!

After months of teasing and then silence from Axon, this:

ZTE Axon Max Is A 6-inch Phablet That’s Looks A Lot Like The Mate 8

ZTE Axon Max Unveiled With 6.0 Inches AMOLED Display At 2799 Yuan

ZTE Axon Max specs and photos with the Huawei Mate 8

Pricing in China will run from 2999 Yuan, and currently the phone will only be available in China.

At US$463, this is more — lots more — expensive than the US$349 BLU Pure XL. I’m not sure how their CPUs compare, but the Axon Max seems expensive for a non-Snapdragon 8xx phone.

At that price, maybe it’s best to stay in China. Where it’s bound to get creamed by the Shallots phone for less.

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