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Video: Samsung Galaxy View

I finally found one to try at Best Buy last week.

Oh yeah, I did a few Google Books PDFs — with SmartQ Reader — on it.

It was revelatory. Ginormous text! No accelerometer for rotation that I could find. Which is why I need to do more tests. Is there a no-root Android app that will force-rotate a screen?

Everything seemed fast and those speakers blasted.

My first impression was one of lust. The opposite of my reaction when I finally saw the HP Slate 21. It didn’t feel like a half-hearted half-assed creation, like the HP. But yeah, if Samsung does a View 2, they need to increase that screen resolution.

Flossy Carter brings the real deal in a video review after the break. When he showed MultiView — something I didn’t even think to try (sales rep hovering over me and sensitive anti-theft alarm will do that!) — my lust increased!

Worth a watch even if you’ve dismissed this.

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Thunderbirds Are Go: Extraction


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Nook Glowlight Plus: ZeroLab Nooter

ZeroLab Nooter — NOOK GlowLight Plus [Google Translate]

The directions are in Russian.

It’s unclear if this roots the Nook or simply installs a one-click (well, one-command) package of goodies that don’t require root.

All the same, it’s some progress. Things have been stalled for weeks.

It’s from the same Russian who gave us the YouTube video in the previous post.

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First Video: Nook Glowlight Plus With Alternate Launchers


This video, after the break, come from Russia.


While Americans have been doing this shit — and more — for weeks! We have to rely on the kindness of a Russian to finally give us a video.

Cue my sneer of contempt for my fellow un-sharing Americans.

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Archos Diamond Tab: Another No-Show?


It’s still “Coming Soon” — even at their French site.

This smells more and more like the disaster that was their Platinum iPad Mini clone.

Archos: Always missing the damn party.

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