News About The Future Of eInk

Charbax can get people to talk! And this eInk rep does it for near twenty minutes! None of it is boring, either.

There’s clearly lots more that can be done with eInk, such as removing the glass plate over it to lessen weight and decrease fragility. Also, a 300 dpi eInk display is on the way, pending Epson finishing the controller for it.

And there’s the new color Trident display, which actually looks interesting in this video (although still not yet as vibrant as Mirasol’s demos). eInk sees this as key to entering the textbook market.

Have a listen. This is good.

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One response to “News About The Future Of eInk

  1. Finally had a chance to watch this. It is quite interesting.

    Did you notice the woman sitting in the background on the right? Around timecode 10:15 it looks like she’s reading a paper book! Oops.

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