Occupy Wall Street: October 15, 2011

All photos taken today, Saturday October 15, 2011 between 8:05-8:20AM. Resized and resampled to VGA, click any to enlarge. Photos appear in the order they were taken.

Let me tell you up front: If there are two hundred people sleeping there now, it’d be a miracle. The Plaza looks full because they’ve spread out their shit so widely. If it was just people, it’d look like the first week again! So don’t believe the absolute bullshit being spewed on Twitter about “thousands” being in the Plaza. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

TV trucks still hanging about:

More TV trucks, but Fox News is gone:

A panhandler playing a uke:

Fucking hipsters from Brooklyn have shown up. Wait for it:

Another TV truck:

The NYPD are standing by and I think I know why. Wait for it:

You wish:

The amount of self-delusion in the “movement” is evident if you Follow it on Twitter. Here’s a prime example:

There have been other delusional tweets about how they’re “making history.” Effectiveness makes history. Nothing else.

Cleaning implements of the deluded and clueless:

Dig this. Wait for it:


Again: What the hell does Palestine have to do with us being raped by government and financiers here? Nothing! You scrambled-headed freaks can’t seem to focus.

You expect someone mired in debt, underwater with a mortgage, and fearing a layoff to worry about the Palestinians? Are you out of your mind?

The park looks like the apartment of someone who can’t get their shit together enough to straighten-up:

That reflects the mental capacity of those there too. Totally disordered.

And what:

What the hell is that doing there?

I think the Israelites stuck in the wilderness for forty years had more organization than this!

And now they’ve brought in wood:

You’ve seen a lot of photos of shit because there’s more shit there than people now!

Oh dear god:

Did anyone marketing this bullshit on Twitter ever mention that? What the fuck? “Oh, we’ll go after Wall Street as soon s we’ve adjusted our Chakras.” I repeat: What the fuck!

And here:

That’s the other side of the “People’s Megaphone.” I told you it was a worthless Hippie trinket piece of shit! Some moron had to do an Art Project? What does that have to do with making Wall Street worry and change? In the trading rooms of Goldman Sachs they’ll look at this and laugh their asses off! And they should!

This is brand new. Wait for it:

Wait for it, almost there:

And here we go:

The NYPD has barricaded that end of the Plaza. And off to the right there’s a cop at the only entrance. You unfocused idiots apparently never heard the word siege before, but the NYPD has. I don’t think we’re going to see those dumbass drummers show up again now. NYPD would not admit them after all the neighbor complaints and they can’t set up on the unbarricaded sidewalk without being arrested. Expect the other end of the Plaza to get barricades at some point too. NYPD is going to siege your asses out.

TV trucks:

No respect for the Plaza, tarps strewn over the plants:

Damage to the flowerbeds from footprints:

Another footprint, and I wasn’t even searching for them:

And plants crushed:

And look, they’re now opening provoking trouble by setting up a tent!

And me believe that’s actually First Aid? Not with this group. That’s a tent where they can hide out and smoke their “medicinal” pot. NYPD should impound that ASAP.

See? More shit than people:

And now it becomes clear to me why NYPD doesn’t want tarps there. The way they’ve set things up in the Plaza, you can’t tell how many people are really there. You see a tarp — are there people sleeping there or did they arrange to make it look like people sleeping there? NYPD should begin with removing all the tarps. Tarps have nothing to do with the right to exercise free speech.

At this point …

… I’m no longer suckered in by signs like these.

And for god’s sake, they can’t even concentrate long enough to do a list:

“Register to vote” is on there three times! No, I don’t think that’s emphasis. I think their ability to focus and concentrate is so debilitated they can’t remember several lines of what they’ve previously written!

And, please, you don’t really mean “register to vote,” as I’ve learned again and again on Twitter. You mean: VOTE FOR WHO WE WANT TO WIN.

When I tell them I voted for Nader and that they helped create this shit by not voting for him, do I get any credit for voting? No, they all start screeching about how that walking stiff Gore should have won! Yep, they’re still fighting that battle!

Yeah, you’re all about “democracy” the same way the old Soviet Union was about “elections.”

Why am I even bringing up the USSR? Ironically. 99% of them in that Plaza weren’t born when the Wall fell!

Look at all the empty space now:

And which tarp has people and which just has more shit underneath? Ask yourself that.

And here we go with the fucking Brooklyn hipsters again:

By the time I’d circled the Plaza, they’d gotten far enough along for me to see what they were up to. See those four-foot hoops on the ground? They’re making giant streamers!

Yeah, that’s an effective weapon against greed and corruption!

I still have no idea …

… what the hell that sign means.

They’ve stuck a decal …

… on a lamppost. Because spreading words around makes it so in their teeny brains.

I think the NYPD would put up this sign:

Obey the sensible laws that are for the benefit of all and we won’t have to push your asses around.

You don’t get to just march into the street and take it over. Especially not you lot.

I have nothing but contempt for those in the Plaza now. They have nothing — absolutely nothing! — to do with reforming government and finance in this nation.

This isn’t a demonstration, it’s what I said it was several posts ago and that stupid pyramid today only confirms it: It’s a Pout-In, a Be-In, and now a Freak-In.

I’m neither a fan of Mayor Prickberg nor of the brutal NYPD. But enough is enough. You’re not here to change a goddammed thing. You can’t focus and, most importantly, you don’t know how to focus or how to change anything.

It’s become a party for spoiled brats who’ve tricked all the people who’ve worked for a living.

Get out of my city.

Get out now.

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10 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: October 15, 2011

  1. I really appreciate these posts. I think they give a much more accurate picture of what’s going on with these protests than what the media reports here.

    Funny, after seeing all the pictures of tarps, I was going to ask you whether there were people sleeping under them, and then you answered that question. I had been wondering since you started this series of posts.

    I also noticed the American flag that’s wrapped around a tree trunk and almost touching the ground. I find that somewhat disrespectful, but perhaps that’s just my upbringing.

    I think the sign about the “bagcheck” is referring to left-luggage. It must be a place where you can leave your bag if you don’t want to carry it around or leave it unattended.

    • mikecane

      But… but… there’s NOTHING THERE for a “bag check.” WTF are they talking about? If I go again tomorrow, maybe I’ll ask.

      Oh you don’t get. Most of them sleeping there *hate* this country with a passion. They think it’s Satan incarnate. They’ve glommed onto the misery of the *normal* 99% and have hijacked that anger for their little party. It’s a disgrace. That flag there is a marketing tool, that’s all.

  2. well, at least the tarp industry should be doing somewhat better as a result.

  3. Jason S.

    Instead of just sitting in a park and advocating change with some ambiguities written on cardboard cut-outs, these people should be writing to Congress advocating for a law that forces corporations to print EXACTLY where their products are made (I’m sick of the whole “distributed by” crap that some companies do). That way, these people will think twice about buying cheap merchandise from the Asian markets and start preferring more American-made goods. That way, the corporations will stop outsourcing jobs and start manufacturing in America again.

  4. Jeff

    Your pictures were taken early in the morning when few were there. Where are the pictures of the thousands that move in and out of the park daily? Spend some time during those hours and then question. You are so typical of the narrow mindedness that dominates most thinking today. Don’t embrace reality and you can condemn everything. Wake up!

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