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Actually The Word Of The Decade


I said that in November 2010. It’s still going on. Take notice of how many times you encounter that word.

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No Infinite Scrolling For You!

To Infinity and Beyond

Say hello to the future of reading on the web. We’re happy to introduce a new feature for WordPress.com home pages: infinite scrolling.

That’s the shit I stumbled upon back on May 26th.

I hate it.

I’ve turned it off.

But even with it turned off, they’ve destroyed the behavior of this blog. It no longer goes to a discrete page. It loads more from the bottom. People get a goddammed Spinning Thing and have to wait longer than they would for a new discrete page. This is not progress. This is vandalism.


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The Next Stop On The Doom Train

EU: movement of money, people can be limited

EU discuss ‘limiting ATM withdrawals’

It’s taken them four years to even acknowledge the possibility of this.

Will it take another four years for it to actually happen?

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Bitch-Slapping Writers

A devastatingly-funny blog bitch-slapping the self-indulgent shit writers pull on Twitter: Hey, Author.

I tend to let people do their own thing on Twitter. But yeah, after seeing this blog, all of that shit should really stop.

Thanks to @TyrusBooks for the link!

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