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TV’s Endgame: No Second Season

I’m late posting this. It seems to be the final, final word:

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Is It A Nokia Death Spiral NOW?

2007: Why Does The Truth Always Come Out Too Damned Late?!!?

Apple is gonna kick Nokia’s smug and incompetent asses. Welcome to the tar pit, baby! Join the rest of the fossils, Nokia! Your death spiral began January 2007. Good riddance!

2012: Nokia to Cut 10,000 Jobs as Elop Tries to Stanch Losses

Nokia has lost more than 70 billion euros in market value since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, taking the lead in smartphone innovation.

None of you know the extent of the shit I got from Nokia fanboiz back in 2007. It’s something I will never forget.

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France’s Writers Sold Down The River

Google’s e-book deal could slow rise of Amazon Kindle in Europe

While it’s too early to say when (or if) the French e-book scheme will take off, there does appear to be one early loser in the deal. According to reports in Le Figaro and publishing site ActuaLitté, the agreement does not allow the publishers to distribute the digital books through Google’s direct competitors — read: Amazon.

What this means in practice is that Amazon may be excluded from a significant volume of content at a time when it is expanding its push into Europe with the Kindle and app store (there are also reports the company may launch the Kindle Fire too). If the Google e-books take off, Amazon will be the odd one out as the e-books can be read directly on devices made by Sony or Barnes & Noble or through the Google Play app on Apple devices.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

No mention of how the writers have been sold down the river.

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