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Monday: Microsoft + Nokia

First we were alerted to an announcement by Microsoft on Monday.

Now Nokia USA has this posted on its Facebook wall:

I’m not even going to guess. I can wait until Monday.

Update, Sunday June 17: I’m so glad I didn’t guess. The timing is entirely coincidental (and rather silly on Nokia’s part). Here it is: Chillax, Folks: Nokia’s Facebook Tease Is for Its 41-Megapixel Phone, Not Tied to Microsoft Event. And I’ll be glad when we learn what it is Microsoft is announcing. All of this frenzy over a Microsoft-branded tablet is tiring. Do they really want to kill all tablet licensees like the Zune killed all of their audio licensees?

Update, Monday June 18: No, that’s not it. Now it’s likely this: Xbox Surface Details.

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Nook Touch Hacked To Be A Classic Macintosh!

I have had an Impossible Dream: Nook Touch Macintosh: An Impossible Dream?

And then I had a hint that the dream came true: Nook Touch Macintosh Achieved?

And today the realization of that dream has been confirmed!

Flying Toasters on a Nook Touch!

Macintosh veterans will immediately recognize that classic screensaver!

And there’s more!

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Renate’s Ultimate Hacked Nook Touch

I haven’t been keeping up with news at XDA Developers forum so I missed the lead up to what follows, the ultimate hacking of a Nook Touch.

XDA Developers forum Member Renate has hacked the hell out of her Nook Touch, making it do things I never thought possible, like:

• 24-bit audio recording
• playing MP3 audio
• Skype chats
• using a GPS puck

And that’s just for starters!

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