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webOS Must Be Decoupled From HP

Why the Layoffs at Hewlett Packard Could Be Just the Beginning

What really bothers us the most about HP’s current state of affairs is that the company is wading into the mobile age without a mobile strategy. How bad is HP’s mobile strategy? Well, HP effectively nuked their mobile strategy when they abandoned WebOS and opensourced it. By abandoning WebOS (remember, they got that from ‘saving’ Palm?) HP has effectively put themselves back into step one of building a mobile ecosystem. They had a plan with integrating WebOS into tablets, printers, smartphones, and even all-in-one computers but somehow that idea faltered and now they’re up a creek without a paddle.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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Freedom Tower: June 2, 2012

Photo taken today Saturday, June 2, 2012:

Dreary post-storm morning left not much to see today.

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Curbside Haiku

Photos taken today Saturday, June 2, 2012.

Just noticed this today near the ferry terminal:

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Gas Drops In Price Again

Photo taken today Saturday, June 2, 2012:

Last weekend it was still $4.23.

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