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It Burns Books For Fuel

First Look: New High-Tech NYPD Helicopter Takes The Fight To The Terrorists

The helicopter, a Bell 412EP, was funded with federal port security money and can carry up to 10 people, including a pilot, co-pilot, crew chief, NYPD SCUBA divers or Emergency Services Unit officers. It weighs 7,000 pounds, can travel 150 mph and costs $9.8 million, plus it carries another $4 million worth of sensitive equipment.

What’s not being told: How much fuel does that eat every day?

… the counter-terrorism patrol executed several times a day by the NYPD takes them off the beaten path.

While our bastard Mayor slowly strangles the budget of the New York Public Library, the NYPD gets a new toy to play with and children have access to fewer books.

Damn right it burns books for fuel!

What the hell is going to be left to protect in New York City when all of the budget is going to “protecting” it?


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The iPhone’s Third Casualty

RIM shares plunge almost 18 per cent on news of $518 million loss, 5,000 job cuts, delay of BB10 to 2013

So, that’s three then:

1) Palm
2) Nokia
3) RIM

The Big Six of book publishing think they’re unassailable.

So did Palm, Nokia, and RIM. And they were technology companies.

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Gerry Anderson Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s

Gerry Anderson & Virgil Tracy launch Memory Walk

Gerry, who was diagnosed 18 months ago, spoke publicly for the first time about the condition: “I was upset when I found out I had dementia but I try to stay positive and enjoy every day. My dementia hasn’t just affected me; it’s affected my friends and family too.

And so an era draws to a close…


Thunderbirds’ creator Gerry Anderson has Alzheimer’s

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