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Today’s Bullets Of Doom

I thought this was bad:


This is worse:

Now you know why we get this:


High school teacher tells graduating students: you’re not special


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iPad Mini: Now I Believe!

Even though I banged the drum for this for ages, the increasing rumors this year made me pull back from believing. I needed to see a leak like this first:

Exclusive “iPad Nano” Images Surface

We were provided with information contradictory to current rumors. Instead of being the rumored 7.85 inches diagnostically, the display will take on a 7.58 inch form factor.

A 7.58″ screen at 1024×768 = 168.87 ppi (see here).

That is Good Enough. The NookColor/Nook Tablet have screens of 169 ppi. And they are very sharp.

Add into that ppi mix the eye-popping colors Apple’s screens are known for, and this is All Win.

Now I Believe!

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