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Video: Nook Touch Playing Toy Story Movie

Really, the Nook Touch is the best damned eInk device out there!

Nootered Nook with Rockplayer & NoRefresh. Captured with a cheap camera phone.


XDA Developers forum: Nook playing Toy Story

And don’t miss the Nook Touch running classic Mac OS!

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Video: Nook Touch Running Classic Mac OS

Here it is, the proof everyone needed to see (no audio):

Showing how the mac works on the nook. It has a few quirks, but overall it’s pretty neat. I even had Myst running the other day. I figured out eventually.. (after I made the video) that if the command key is pressed in, you can’t type anything in a game or application. Also if you notice in the darts and lemmings, the contrast is low. This can be adjusted but it takes a minute of sporadic tapping to bring up the contrast settings. This wasn’t happening in the old version of NoRefresh. Anyways, mac on a nook!

Captured on an LG Optimus V

Mini vMac II Android


XDA Developers forum: Nook touch with Mac OS

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Nook Touch Hacked To Be A Classic Macintosh!

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Occupy Wall Street: This Is Why


See larger versions of graphic after the break.

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This Is How It Is

Dr. Carmella’s Guide to Understanding the Introverted

That is why all your requests to meet get a No.

I have X amount of energy during the day, even putting myself into overdrive with phenylalanine and chocolate (which I’ve been doing just about daily now). My brain uses more damn energy than my body.

And then you want to come along and subtract from the day’s energy allotment by meeting? I’d have to start taking frikkin drugs for that. I’m running overcapacity as it is, risking heart attack and diabetes. And I’m not about to drop drugs to add a risk of schizophrenia to the mix!

The rest of you can spend a day outside among people and feel refreshed. I return home, curl into a ball, and begin to have a fever, for fuck’s sake. That’s how draining it is.

That illustration also reminds me I need to take up hissing.

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