eInk isn’t Dead Yet

May 26, 2012 here: The iPad Mini Will Mean The Death of eInk

Well that’s not going to happen now. Not at $329.

Not with Barnes & Noble cutting the price of the Nook with GlowLight:

Besides, does the iPad Mini have these?

Yes! Angry Birds covers will save the Nook brand!

And a travel stand:

Hm, will that work with the iPad Mini too?

At any rate, eInk is bound to suffer more damage from cheap Android tablets than from the iPad Mini at that $329 price.

No one can really carry around a $329 tablet in a carefree way. It’s cheaper to replace a $99 Nook Simple Touch or $119 Nook with GlowLight. Or a cheap eInk Kindle or Kobo.

So eInk isn’t dead yet.


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