YouTube Playlists About Tablets

I have no intention of posting every tablet video I come across.

But I do collect them in a variety of YouTube playlists.

For these, I’ve been searching daily — sometimes more than once — and will do so until I lose interest:
Chuwi V88 Playlist
iPad Mini Clones Playlist [Onda V818, Ramos X10, others]
Archos 80 Titanium Playlist
Archos 80 Platinum Playlist

Sporadic updates:
Onda V812 Playlist
Eight-Inch Tablets Misc Playlist
Nook HD+ Playlist

No longer updated:
Galaxy Note 8.0 Playlist
Archos 97 Titanium Playlist

The thing about YouTube is that if you don’t collect early videos into a Playlist, you wind up watching pirated copies from spammers who collect pre-roll ad fees. The other thing about YouTube is that when a video is removed, they no longer tell you which one it was in the Playlist.


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