Best Buy: Kobo And Samsung Chromebook

Part of yesterday’s Tech Fondle Tour was a trip to Best Buy.

Samsung will set up a colony soon:


Nook Touch and Kindle under an eReader banner:


While shunted to the side is a five-inch Kobo eReader:



It has ridiculously-wide side bezels and a curved back that tries to hide how surprisingly-fat it is. I can’t see anyone buying it. It feels like it’s a leftover piece of tech from two years ago. It lacks the sleek appeal of Sony’s canceled five-inch Reader. Best Buy didn’t have either the Kobo Glo nor the Kobo Arc tablet on display.

Ah! Samsung’s MacBook Air Chromebook.


Wow. Did Samsung just put the MacBook Air in a Replicator or what? Nice keyboard. Great build quality. But the screen’s viewing angles are The Suck:


Viewing angle of a MacBook with Retina Display:


Um, yeah.

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