Tomato T2: A Samsung Galaxy Tab iPad Mini Mashup Tablet

Well, in less than twenty-four hours, the Tomato T2 tablet has gone from what looked like renders to actual photos [Google English].

This is an octa-core Exynos 5410-based tablet. As seen in the photos, it’s styled like a Samsung Galaxy Tab yet has an iPad Mini 4:3 1024 x 768 screen!





More photos can be seen here.

This is just so freaky!

A Samsung Galaxy Tab with a 4:3 screen.

If Samsung had bothered to do that, it’d be selling like crazy over their current 16:9-screen tablets.

Fuller specs: 1.6GHz octa-core Exynos 5410 CPU, Imagination PowerVR 544 GPU, 2GBs of RAM, 16GBs of storage, 7.9-inch 1024 x 768 screen, 2MP front and 5MP back cameras, microSD card slot, mini HDMI-out, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB 3.0 port (OTG), power and volume buttons, Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.2, 3G SIM card slot, 4,800mAh battery. No speaker is mentioned or shown in photos but there has to be one.

They got an AnTuTu score of 28,792. Versus the 27,049 in the prior post.

This is an exciting time for small tablets out of China.

Previously here:

Two Tomato Tablets


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11 responses to “Tomato T2: A Samsung Galaxy Tab iPad Mini Mashup Tablet

  1. mid

    That SIM slot looks really interesting. I’m always considering ditching my phone for tablet. Few years ago I was using Galaxy Tab P1000 like that and there’s no real drawback (except perhaps using running apps).

    Since my girlfriend now sleeps and eats with Fatty 2 in her hands, I’m considering the same route :)

  2. Thomas

    If that 3G SIM card is true, I’m ordering this bad boy.

    • mikecane

      3G SIM card does not mean it will be compatible with 3G in your own country. You’ll have to research that on your own. Radio frequencies are not my thing.

  3. E.T.

    What is the company’s reputation regarding build quality, QC, etc.?

    • mikecane

      We don’t know yet. I’ve never heard of this company until now. This is why I always say to wait until people have bought it and then talk about it.

  4. Ben Whitaker

    Wow that is exciting. 30Kish Antutu in the iPad Mini form factor, with 3G and with what looks like a proper earpiece/proximity sensor. 2Gigs of RAM with all the goodies, HDMI etc…goodbye Mediatek?

    I didn’t see any mention in your post about phone capabilities but in my book triple eyes across the top plus an earpiece slit in the right place only means one thing. And looking at the Chinese Engadget post, they mention it explicitly.

    It’s a bit chubby at 9.2mm and I don’t see any mention of battery life. I suppose that could be backed out of other Exynos 5410 products.

    Ahhh the Cube Talk79 has a similar white plastic panel across the back of the head of the tablet, but alas it *doesn’t* come off, and there are no SD card ports or anything else lurking behind. I will note that doing AirDroid tonight with the Mini One and the Cube, the Mini One was inexplicably doing 1.2Mbit downloads via WiFi whereas the Cube was doing 11Mbit. With 12K Antutu to match…

    Is the Tomato T2 shipping and is there a known price?

    I am definitely eagerly anticipating when iPad Mini 2 ships with a full HD 1080P screen, as this will push prices down for such screens. The 1024 x 768 *is* a bit grainy and will no doubt look dated in a year or so.

    Will be following the Tomato T2 story…

    just imagine what’s in this column in six months?

    • mikecane

      Nothing new to report about the Tomato T2 yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if I skipped over mentioning any 3G it might have; that’s just not an interest of mine.

      Your experience with the Cube and Mini One and WiFi is not surprising, unfortunately. Big variations like that happen due to different components as well as not optimizing Android or using bad drivers. That’s not even mentioning how some all-metal backs can degrade WiFi performance too.

  5. mid

    Tomato T1 started selling. It’s a regular iPad mini clone but with 3G. That could indicate that T2 is around the corner.

  6. CiGiK

    Bought a 7.9″ Tomato T2 from URBetter.
    Received it in late March after about a 30 day wait – including South African customs clearance.
    It’s an amazing tablet!
    I already own a s9500 S4 (Exynos 5410 Octa Core) – and the T2 has the same processor – and ALMOST the same speed!
    Here’s the results:
    Tomato T2 16GB Exynos 5410
    AnTuTu 18146
    AnTuTu X 27095
    Vellamo HTML5 2002 METAL 1015

    Samsung S4 32GB Exynos 5410
    AnTuTu 26003
    AnTuTu X 25976
    Vallamo HTML5 2370 METAL 1099

    • mikecane

      It’s too bad Tomato priced it so high. It’s about to get wiped out by all the new tablets coming with octa-core Allwinner and 64-bit Intel CPUs. You’ll have some sort of collector’s item then.

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