Rockchip “Light Work OS” — Android 5.1 + Remix OS?

This is one the screwiest things I’ve seen come out of China…

Rockchip, to try to fend off the Wintel tablet assault, looks to have remixed the Remix OS and are calling it the “Light Work OS” [Google Translate].

The first tablet to have this is, strangely, the Pipo P9.




Maybe there’s some hope for owners of the iFive Mini 4 after all? Maybe Rockchip will push this out and Five Technology will offer it as an optional download instead of dicking around with adapting Android 5.x with their miserable iFive Skin? If Five was to do that, it might provide an opening to flashing a custom ROM to the Insignia Flex Elite 7.85.

This entire situation is really ridiculous. If the “problem” with Android tablet sales was the lack of windowing, tablets from Five and Pipo would have sold like crazy with Rockchip’s MultiWindow Android 2.0. They didn’t. And Rockchip’s MultiWindow Android 2.0 was as good as Samsung’s MultiView.

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