The Player: Episode Seven




Ouch. Very tough script. It had to cram a lot in but was problematic in the end.

Can I tell you how much I …






… hate hate hate CGI explosions? So fake.

Yes …


… she still has the Apple Watch. It gets a lot of, um, facetime in this episode.

As, ahem, did this:


See, when you have a corrupt blogger in the episode as an example of how business subverts the opposition, product placement undercuts your moral and ethical stance. Yeah, I’m a real fucking spoilsport like that. The end credits probably covered the disclosure, but I don’t have them. Given how I’m getting these episodes, I can’t exactly stand on a moral high ground here, either. Cough-cough. And yet.

The episode was about bankers following “standard industry practices” — which these days is nothing but outright fraud. This is something I’ve covered over and over in a past blog (one example).

Such fraud was the engine for John Rogers’ — co-creator of this series — prior series, Leverage. But that series was on cable. The Player is on NBC. Which makes me wonder if The Suits there passed around this episode and they all went, “What the fuck is this? We’re paying for a knife like this to be put at our necks?”

I’m beginning to think ratings isn’t the entire story for this series getting thrown under the bus. Other series in the past have started out with crap ratings but The Suits kept them on the air because they believed in them. What I think The Suits of NBC believe in this instance is that they don’t want their golf and country club buddies getting nervous.

I should have known …


… that wouldn’t last.

And I didn’t see this coming at all:


But what surprised me the most?

Holy shit:



They filmed on the back lot!

This was probably the back lot too, but well-disguised by the night:







At least they tried to atone for the earlier CGI!

One personal point:


I wouldn’t have saved her corrupt blogging ass. I would have ended the bet.

There are just two episodes left, unless things change.

We might never know what’s really up with Alex’s wife, or who The Council is, or why Roundtree will never be a guest star ever again, how Cassandra came to be The Dealer, and if Alex is being played instead of just being The Player.

Man, leaving all those loose ends will be more frustrating than when they killed Coronet Blue! At least — decades later but while I’m still alive to see it so I can die in some peace — that mystery was officially solved (it’s now on the Internet).

Damn you, NBC.

Go spite NBC: Catch on and catch up anyway.

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