WTF Is Wrong Over At Google?

First we have the epic Google Books error.

Now we have international Android devs who aren’t being paid and in their bitching are revealing a company that seems to be out of control:

I receive emails from customers that they get Google Licensing Errors and I get one star reviews for my app due to this.

They don’t understand that this is Google’s fault, not mine.

I have 20-30 cancelled sales daily just because Google’s charging process can last up to 6 hours but some times it even lasts 24 hours.

People can’t use my app for hours and they believe it is not working and cancel their purchases.

This next bit will make those who fear Google laugh:

To be honest it is totally unacceptable for Google to not let developers know what is happening. Also, it is unacceptable that the payment error has also happened.

It is not as if this is a small business starting up. This is a multi-billion dollar business and the Android market (Google Play – great marketing name change….) has been running up for around 4 years now.

These sort of problems would never happen if the whole Android market / Google checkout system was properly managed.

I also have apps on the Amazon App Store and they have the best developer support staff system I have ever seen and they have NEVER missed a single payment and they have only been running for around a year!

See? Why fear Google?

It’s not as if they carefully pay attention to things!

It’s clear that they don’t!

That’s been their entire history!

The more I learn, the more I see, the more I think Windows 8 tablets are going to come along and wipe out all Android tablets.

The devs will desert Android. I don’t think even selling to the Kindle Fire will keep them.

They really make Microsoft look good these days. And that’s some trick to pull off!



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2 responses to “WTF Is Wrong Over At Google?

  1. I’m still waiting for payment myself. I’ve had no luck in getting any kind of response from Google and my bills need paying. Some of us developers depend on this money as a livelihood and this non-payment is causing many of us great distress.

  2. there is a “wtf is wrong with google” post/thread/article for every aspect of google now in their own serps.

    they must be proud of themselves by now.

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