Microsoft Breaks The Cool Barrier


Who knew Microsoft still had this in them?

I watched the liveblog from The Verge and it was just epic. Sentiment on Twitter was huge too.

Everyone wants to know when? and how much?

1) Forget Android. There is no way Android can now compete in tablets. It’s over. And don’t tell me Android tablets will be less expensive. No one cares about price when you can’t get much done!

2) MacBook Air is going to take a hit from this. I don’t want a MacBook Air now. I want the Surface Pro PC-tablet. Everyone else who uses a Windows desktop and MacBook Air on the go will drop the MacBook Air.

3) A keyboard in a cover? Why didn’t Apple think of that?

4) A kickstand that runs the length of it. That makes Archos’ kickstand look even worse than it is. And yes, it breaks the clean lines, but who cares about clean lines if it means adding value and functionality?

5) I got a chill thinking about having that on my desk and using it.

6) Nokia is dead. Nokia’s one hope was for a Lumia-styled tablet. No one cares now. Microsoft has stolen the game.

7) No price and no availability because Microsoft was scared shitless people would laugh at this. I’m certain of that. Look at how they’ve been hammered over Windows 8 itself so far. Now that people have had techgasms over them, Microsoft can order a jillion to be made.

8) I cannot wait for Open webOS to show up now. You damn well know hackers will get it running on the Pro version tablet first. And that will be insanely awesome. (Yes, I still want to see webOS on a new tablet. At least once.)

9) This is a Bet The Company move. Microsoft has just wiped out whatever Windows 8 tablet licensees were lined up for this. The only way Asus could survive this is on price. But then would they have that Type Cover? I bet Microsoft won’t license that patent to anyone.

10) I want that Pro one! That’s not just a PC-tablet, that’s a redefinition of a desktop computer. Say goodbye to your desktop sales for the home, HP.

If they don’t fuck this up, Microsoft grabs back a lot of the power it once had. And this time they better use it wisely.

I do have one question, however: Where’s the Bluetooth? The scant spec sheet for both tablets doesn’t mention Bluetooth. Why no Bluetooth?

Update: Something else is missing from the spec sheet. Earphone jack! Surely there must be earphone jacks!?

Second update: The video seems to show a headphone jack on the upper left side at 45 seconds in:

Thanks to @DataJog for pointing that out.



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9 responses to “Microsoft Breaks The Cool Barrier

  1. It does look pretty cool, but they’ll probably screw it up with the software.

    There’s a photo showing the audio jack on TheVerge, but I can’t link to it because it’s embedded in a photo gallery.

  2. This is surely something. Making me think twice about getting an Asus Transformer now.

  3. Jon

    Did you ever buy an iPad?
    (How are the kittens)

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