Alexia Tsotsis Lets The Truth Slip Out!

Wow, ever since Arrington left, TechCrunch is letting some serious shit through.

This is epic:

Others who cover the tech beat have their knickers in a twist.

It’s just not done to tell the truth like that!

The truth is this: Old Media moves too fucking slow. And then we’re supposed to cheer when they finally make a correct move?

Fuck that shit.

The only thing that’s been keeping them alive are their efforts to prevent the future.

The future can’t be stopped.

Jump in the goddammed pool or go the hell out of business, period!

When you’re in the damned pool, you’ll understand the water. You’ll get to say what temperature you want it to be. You’ll get to have your own spot in the pool. You’ll get to help design the next pool. Hell, you’ll also learn how to swim!

If TechCrunch dumps Alexis Tsotsis over the vapors she’s instilled in The Establishment, it’d be a huge mistake. She is making TechCrunch worth reading with a piece like that.


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