Teclast Adds Split-Screening To Android

In a pair of Weibo communiques, Teclast announced its intent to pull away from other tablets by offering split-screening in Android.



刚拿到#台电X98 3G#多窗口安卓4.4工程版固件,不像大多数平板/手机的固定比例分屏,X98 3G的多窗口4.4固件可以任意调节分屏窗口比例,可操作性更强!想了解更多,请收听后续报道!~

Google Translate:

Just got Taipower X98 3G # # Android 4.4 multi-window version of firmware engineering, unlike most tablet / phone fixed proportion split screen, X98 3G 4.4 firmware multi-window screen window can be adjusted proportion of operability stronger! To learn more, please listen to the follow-up stories! ~




大屏平板的屏幕是可以更好的利用的!#台电X98 3G#多窗口4.4固件实现了更好的屏幕利用,多开程序,在打开应用下更改分屏比例,应用也会即时适配分辨率。下图中,电影、学习与聊天,两两不误!ps:是不是有电脑上挂Q的即视感!

Google Translate:

Large-screen flat-panel screens can be better utilized! Taipower X98 3G # # 4.4 firmware, multi-window screen to achieve a better utilization of more open process, open to change in the proportion of split-screen application, the application will immediately fit resolution. In the figure, movies, learning and chatting, two things correct! ps: Is there a computer that is hung in the visual sense of Q!


So, they’re bringing Microsoft Surface-like screening to Android with their version of 4.4.

Remember: Teclast modifies Android with its tUI. It’s not stock Android. Plus, Android for their Intel-based tablets comes from Intel, not Google.

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5 responses to “Teclast Adds Split-Screening To Android

  1. Marco

    Well, this is interesting…but…i still hope dual boot will come to x98, that would be a real hit.

  2. I wouldnt call it “pulling away”. Samsung alone does this so..they are like always behind the times.

    • mikecane

      From other Chinese tablets, I clearly meant. Since Teclast is competing primarily there. I don’t know that they are officially sold outside of China as their own brand; maybe relabeled.

  3. znawca

    We wait stil for Teclast x98 3G with Windows 8.1 :/

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