The Intel Monster And The iPad


Google Translate: Why the iPad is no longer favored

Aside from the plummeting market share of the iPad (which Apple probably doesn’t care about as they drive caravans of trucks stuffed with money to their banks), there’s a startling revelation about Intel and Shenzhen.

First, the overall rise of what’s called “white box” (“white card” in Google Translatese) manufacturers in Shenzhen:

“White card” sales growth is a terrorist, according to IDC statistics last year, “white card” in 2012 it accounted for 26% share, reaching 39% in 2013, while the figure for the second quarter in 2014 share up to 44.4%. It is almost interchangeable with the iPad two years ago, the position of the middle sort of a small share of the total is in the rest of the brands, accounting for three percent, according to the total.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

That accounting is in the aggregate, however, and includes seven-inch tablets. And too many of those are Pity Tablets.

A bit more about that:

These “white card” Not surprisingly, from Shenzhen, some of which are not OEM, some brand you’ve never heard of, or in Huaqiang North Zhongguancun, you can see a large number of such devices, far below the market price sold. It is the most neglected group of devices, but then have the greatest impact on the market structure, which ultimately behind a giant spoiler, that is Intel.

And now the Intel shocker:

Intel from last year would draw small manufacturers in Shenzhen, the main push low-cost tablet, their marketing strategies and action is very flexible and fast, Intel contracted almost one-stop product development to market sales plans, including equipment manufacturers Blue Devils [Ramos] only two and a half months on the launch of a product. This year, they upgraded turnkey mode, the entire process time compression to one month.

“Turnkey model is the most important thing is to allow manufacturers to save input from software, hardware, quality control, Intel has a large number of inputs. Bay Trail has entered a turnkey process, the product can be expected within a month.” Intel Mobile Communications Business when the person in charge of the case said the Ministry of ecology Xiaobo receive [infanr] interview.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Intel is doing just about all of the work for its Shenzhen partners. This means they can get an Intel-based tablet out just one month after receiving the board and specs from Intel!

One freakin month!

And later this year there will be an entire new wave of Intel-based tablets because Intel has further trimmed the cost (read: features) of its Bay Trail-T system, which will lead to another round of even lower-priced tablets.

Intel is a freakin monster over there.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Actions, Allwinner, Rockchip, MediaTek, and others, respond.

And as for the iPad, ifanr points out this:

If Intel really has reached 40 million units sales target, it will occupy one-fifth share of the overall market, which is a very scary figure, iPad annual sales are only about 60 million units.


I like that ifanr is on “my side” when it comes to what people need in the iPad:

This is probably the biggest problem Apple iPad development, it was not able to fully tap the potential of this device. For the simplest case, it is even released WordPress article out this simple task will not work, because it can not import photos from camera SD card (requires additional purchase accessories), and rapid editing, if it can be done, then I go completely abandon the notebook, using iPad + Bluetooth keyboard sets of combinations.

Let me make that crystal-clear:

The biggest problem with the iPad is Apple not tapping its full potential. As a simple example, I can’t do a WordPress blog on the iPad because I can’t import photos from a camera’s card. I have to buy and remember to carry around an accessory. If I could fully edit my blog from an iPad — if it had a card slot — I’d completely abandon using a notebook and go with an iPad and Bluetooth keyboard.

I said it on Twitter today and I’ll repeat it here: If there’s really going to be a 12-inch “iPad Pro,” I wouldn’t be surprised if it contained a card slot of some kind. Given how Apple has torn down so many walls that existed in iOS with version 8, including a card slot is the last overthrow the new Apple regime needs to perform. Steve Jobs is dead — and his “closed box” philosophy needs to die too. Put in a damn card slot.


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2 responses to “The Intel Monster And The iPad

  1. T Nam

    I’ll be all over a 12 inch ipad with a card slot. Gonna cost $$$ though.

    • We’ll see. The original iPad people thought would cost $999 and was $499 for the base model. Apple would be foolish to charge more than a $100 premium for the base Pro model — $699.

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