Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #6

No root yet, but some very interesting developments over at XDA Developers.

I’m surprised I was the first to report about accessing Developer Options. It turns out Renate didn’t even know that!

I wrote here:

2) I haven’t seen this elsewhere: Tapping three times on Software Version will open up Developer Options! There’s a bloody ton of stuff in there.

And at XDA, yegoshin confirms:

Yep after registering and going through to the main nook screen >> settings >> about >> software >> tap software version rapidly like 10 times >> tap the build number (or maybe it was something else I forgot) rapidly 10 times or so. At the bottom you get Development Options where you can enable USB debugging etc…

Well, two things:

1) It works on demo Nooks at B&N.

2) You don’t — or at least I didn’t — have to tap ten times. I found that just two or three will do on Software Version. That will reveal another set of menu options on the same screen and then scrolling down will show Developer Options. Tap that and BOOM! All the options!

And here’s the very interesting no-root news, again from yegoshin:

But I put Nova Launcher on mine (No root yet as I am a bit weary of screwing up the partitions) and unfortunately the status bar disappeared any thoughts on getting it back? Obviously there is no hardware back button so thats a bit of a limitation for now and I had to throw in a Kitkat google keyboard in there so I could actually type something.

But after all that FB reader works great and all the network libraries are accessible. Oh and as a bonus OruxMaps works great.

Whoa! Without root you can put in a launcher and new keyboard!

And get FBReader working! I’ve never been able to try the FBReader PDF plugin. But that doesn’t matter.

Because if FBReader can be installed, then SmartQ Reader should be too!

And that would mean trying Google Books PDFs!

dnastase adds to the fun, with:

You can install something like Savior Button or something like that that will give you the necessary buttons.

I also use the Hacker’s Keyboard to have all the stuff a regular keyboard has (esc, ctrl)

Now, if only someone at XDA would post a YouTube video of what’s been done so far.

And maybe a tutorial video — because there’s no step-by-step for us non-techies.

This is getting genuinely exciting now.

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  1. three taps worked to bring up the dev menu on mine, just like you said.

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