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Reference: Xiaomi Expansion

Two good ones from Tech in Asia:

Why Chinese smartphone makers aren’t eager to sell their phones in the West

Xiaomi cuts deal with local Chinese chip-maker to beef up intellectual property: report

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Crashy-Crashy iPhone 6? Swap It.

Apple Said to Be Stopping Use of TLC NAND Flash in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus After Reported Issues

Users who are experiencing an unusual amount of boot loops and crashes with their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus are recommended to bring their devices back to an Apple Retail Store for a replacement.

Apple acknowledges the problem even though their fanboiz wouldn’t.

This is why fanboiz can never work for Apple.

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Xiaomi MiPad: Dissent Inside Xiaomi?

It might just be the Internet Echo Chamber, but now ZOL has an article about the 550,000 sales of the Xiaomi MiPad [Google Translate].

They cite an “insider.”

It seems that there’s dissent inside Xiaomi about the MiPad:

Why [Xiaomi] flat sales so dismal? According to industry insider said: “Due to various reasons, [Xiaomi] tablet marketing campaign is being blocked in some places, but there are some internal contradictions [within Xiaomi] company.” In addition, the person did not disclose more information.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I bring this up because they reminded me of an earlier claim: Xiaomi MiPad: 2.5 Million In 2014? Falling nearly two million short of a goal is what anyone would consider a failure.

Previously here:

Claim: Xiaomi MiPad Has Sold Only 550,000

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ZOL Reviews The Nexus 9


This makes for an interesting contrast, reading a review at a China tech site of an American-branded tablet we’re now mostly familiar with [Google Translate].

This is the tablet ZOL bought in America at Best Buy.

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Xiaomi Smartphones: US$65 Target Price

There are two key issues to Xiaomi getting involved with CPUs. PadNews has an analysis, reprinted from “21st century business Herald” [Google Translate].

1) Patent protection. There are issues regarding licensing fees that have to be paid to major patent holders such as Qualcomm, Nokia (now Microsoft), and even Samsung.

2) Lowering phone prices. Here in the U.S., we find China tech to be bargain priced. In the majority of the world, it’s still priced too high in places such as India and other developing nations.

Bing Translator does the best job on this paragraph:

Just a year ago at the Beijing Forum on Microelectronics, Lei has publicly called for: chip industry should learn from the Internet free of charge, in accordance with the cost price, “Why sell thirty or forty dollars, instead of three or four dollars? If the chip free, millet high-end cell phones only 500 Yuan.” The Lei predicted that the next 3-5 years, was” certainly is based on sand, the chip company sold chips and achieved great success. ”

At that time, price 699, 799 USD red rice has just released, Lei presented at the event: “I did not expect red rice is so successful. Low end of the market there was so big, so strong market demand.” Red Rice’s success in bringing the Lei is determined in the low-end mass market a go.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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