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Nokia N1: 1.37 Million YouTube Views


YouTube page

The Nokia name still has some cachet? How many are Microsoft and Nokia employees?

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Xiaomi Final 11/11 Sales Tally



Some Xiaomi outlet sales aren’t yet factored into that. The MiBand, for example, sold over 100,000.

The sale of 22,000 MiPad isn’t impressive up against Apple and other global brands outside of China. Since the MiPad topped the tablet sales chart on 11/11, think of how few everyone else sold!

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Hisense Vidaa Pad Has Custom UI


In what looks like an advertorial post, ZOL has an article about the Hisense Vidaa Pad that includes a too-brief peek at its Android UI, which is a customization [Google Translate].

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Lei Jun: Xiaomi Could Be Number One In Smartphones

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Hell Snow

I don’t live anywhere near there. I’m not sure how well parts of New York City would cope if that much fell so quickly.

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Ah, China! You Can’t Get Away With This Anymore.

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Jolla Crowdfunds iPad Mini Clone


Jolla’s not been on my radar. Now they’ve gone past their crowdfunding goal to create a tablet that’s an iPad Mini clone.

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