ZTE Zmax To Get Android 5.x

Update July 15 2015: I see lots of people coming to this post. This is the latest word from ZTE: ZTE Zmax: Android 5.x? Ermmmm

From XDA Developers:

There is a Lollipop update coming for the ZTE Z max soon a least that is what one the reps told me he said they are working on some bug fixes and stuff but as so as there are done they will release it!!!!

And someone else at XDA Developers replies:

I honestly done know why everyone seems to be pooping themselves over the new lollipop update. I work in a testing environment and from my experience lollipop has more compatibility issues, battery draining, and laggy loads than kitkat. It feels like a bloated mess in comparison. =/

Meanwhile, they’re still trying to snatch root out of the greedy paws of ZTE/T-Mobile.

If they were to gain root — and ZTE were to also unlock the damn bootloader — it’d be no contest. The ZTE Zmax would win over the Sony Xperia T2 Ultra. It has 2GBs of RAM and 16GBs of internal storage versus 1GB and 8GBs for the T2 Ultra.

Previously here:

Sony: T2 Ultra Will Get Android 5.0!


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19 responses to “ZTE Zmax To Get Android 5.x

  1. belal1

    This is bullshit. ZTE isn’t releasing any update at all for this device. Why would they when they can load it on a new device and force others to buy the new one with lollipop.

    • I think you just might be right about that. I’m beginning to think the Zmax is a loss-leader for them to enter the American market. But if they make it obsolete without an Android update, they’ll be committing suicide. Even Sony has updated their phones — and Sony has a record of abandoning older devices.

  2. Jay

    Or you can root the phone and get a custom ROM to make it better like my friend did he has no issues unlike with the shity stock rom it came with its a big mess i currently have this phone gonna buy the lg g stylo soon as i can.

  3. james

    I was wondering is the zte zmax getting volte update or andriod 5.0 or 5.1 update

  4. cush caines

    WELL THE UPDATE WAS TODAY …so everyone that got a new phone because there was no update…sorry lmao

  5. if you have root do not update !

    • Anthony

      Quick question I have root but I keep getting the damn annoying notification that my system update has been downloaded. And to charge my phone to click install and update. I’ve already read everywhere to not update this phone if you have root! Question 1. How the hell can I get rid of this notification to install this ota update? Do I just keep ignoring it and it’ll eventually go away? Question 2. This is probably a stupid question but what exactly would happen if I did install this update? Worried my gf will try to do it. We have the same phones under metro. I’ve rooted both devices. But she’s hard headed if she tries to install cuz she’s convinced she has to. Will it brick her phone or just mess up alot of files and I’ll have to factory reset and attempt to root again. Unless this updates the build number to B10? Right now they are both at B06! Currently looking for a good stable custom ROM to run on both phones. Anyone have any opinions on what the best custom ROM is for this phone. And all I have to do is download it and flash it in TWRP right? Sorry I’m new to this whole rooting thing. Please have patience with me. Just want to make sure I’m doing everything right. Thank you for your advice!!

  6. Care

    My ZMAX is running super nice with SYNTHETIC ROM ….. It’s CM12/AICP based …
    Battery drain needs an app…. But, overall… For what it is… With what it has…..
    I can’t think of getting another device for a long time…..
    If…IF…. Lollipop was released… So what… ZTE won’t play.. They like their game of keep away……. As long as I don’t fall for any corporate anti root updates….. Is smooth sailing..
    Till the next ROM that’s released…..


  7. Daniel

    Root has been achieved by flashing ROM files with twrp (:

  8. James P

    I have a zte zmax 4.4.4 and I just this minute received the system update. I suppose I got the lollipop version. I don’t know.

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