HP Has 100,000 TouchPad Go Parts. Build Them!

See, this is why I pine for the days of the 1960s.

Advertising had balls.

Try to sell something like that today!

HP sticks suppliers with 100,000 unmade TouchPad Go tablets

I suggest that HP should do exactly that!

The HP TouchPad is a phenomenon of FAIL.

Take advantage of that!

Build those 100,000 TouchPad Gos.

Torment people with daily blog posts showing them being built.

Being tested.

Being packed.

Being readied for shipment.

Let them know there are 100,000 and that’s all.


The perfect tagline:

Son of FAIL.

You won’t have to blow these out at $99.

People will buy the damn things with a profit margin.

A 7″-inch webOS tablet that only a very few people can have?

Sign me up!



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2 responses to “HP Has 100,000 TouchPad Go Parts. Build Them!

  1. Laughing_Boy48

    OMG! A TouchPad Go tablet kit for $50. The tech-nerds are going to Go crazy for this wonderful bargain. HP really has an unusual strategy to gain market share. Sell discontinued products at a huge loss. No wonder why the company is bleeding cash like a stuck pig.

    • mikecane

      I don’t know where you got this Kit notion from. And if you listened to Apotheker’s earnings call, you’d know most of their bleeding is coming from municipalities cutting back on their service contracts with HP.

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