Archos 80 & 97 Platinum Tablet Price Increases

Ouch! The Archos 80 Platinum was supposed to be US$199. Now it’s US$229. And the Archos 97 Platinum was supposed to be US$299. Now it’s US$329.


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B&H Photo:

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None of these arein stock yet, but they’re probably not more than two or three weeks away.

Meanwhile, the US$169 Archos 80 Titanium got two new reviews:

French: Test: Archos 80 Titanium [Google English]

Italian: Archos 80 Titanium in prova, un buon punto di partenza [Google English]

If the Archos 80 Platinum arrives in the U.S. soon, that’d be a reversal from the release of the Archos 80 Titanium, which appeared in the UK and then the rest of Europe before coming to the U.S..

Given the Platinum model will arrive soon, I will skip the Titanium.

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2 responses to “Archos 80 & 97 Platinum Tablet Price Increases

  1. Or you can get the onda which Marcos rebadged the titanium from. Better specs, cheaper if you upgrade to v813. And cheaper too.

    • mikecane

      The Titanium is not from Onda. The Platinum is. And the prices turn out to be what Archos said at CES; those listings were off.

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