Onda V989 Press Material Laundered

And this time PadNews is caught laundering press material from Onda about the V989 tablet.

IMP3Net lead image:


PadNews lead image:


The big difference is that only IMP3Net reveals this is press material by Onda:


PadNews puts it under a fraudulent byline that makes it looks like it’s a review by staff:


And although PadNews modifies the opening of the piece, it winds up with the same closing paragraph as IMP3Net.





See the fraud for yourself. Compare IMP3Net [Google Translate] to PadNews [Google Translate].

And don’t believe one damned benchmark in that.

Previously here:

Onda’s Review Of Its Own V819w Tablet Laundered
Onda Reviews Its Own Damn Tablet, The V819w


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4 responses to “Onda V989 Press Material Laundered

  1. Miguel

    Nothing about the release date, don’t?

  2. Jeff

    Mike, your remarks about fraud seem a little harsh, don’t you think? I doubt those websites really want to defraud customer.

    They more likely just want to post content & are more lazy than anything else, unless I am missing something?

    BTW, I ordered a V989 through Aliexpress thinking it was already available. It’s supposed to be on its way. I guess the seller lied & is waiting for it to be released to end it…

    Great blog, keep posting!

    • Fraud. They all have a history of it. Check the fraud category in the right sidebar to see past posts. Even cngadget admits tech sites in China do paid placement posts. And they should know.

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