Unpublished Interview With Writer Derek Raymond

Interview with Robin Cook aka Derek Raymond [link fixed]

A transcription of an unpublished interview! My god!

You couldnt write the books I write unless you have been violently tempted to kill someone. Which I most certainly have in the past. I say that in the hidden files.

The Hidden Files is his autobiography. It’s not in print and now very expensive to get a copy. I was lucky to snag one for, I think, less than $US20 locally at The Strand bookstore in NYC. All that talk about The Long Tail and this not being available as an eBook is shocking and tantamount to a cultural crime.


Derek Raymond tribute site

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2 responses to “Unpublished Interview With Writer Derek Raymond

  1. avidmysteryfan

    Was curious to know if you did a post on this gem. Recheck that link tho. The unpublished interview was great/insightful and that line you highlighted stood out for me too. As you know I would love to get my hands on The Hidden Files. Wikipedia shares some quotes from the book and his definition of the “black novel.” I’ll have to be content with that for the moment. Hopefully someone will digitize it for the rest of us who discovered him late.

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