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One quadrillion dollars of accounting debits evaporated.

That’s the reality of things.

So watch and listen carefully:


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The Print Publishing Quote Of Eternal Shame And Infamy

Amazon Kindle’s territorial controls ‘easily cracked’

The quote below is some Anonymous Coward who is said to be a “c.e.o. of a major translatlantic publisher.”

Dig this:

Territory on Amazon is on the verge of non-existent. Our digital team in the UK regularly cracks it. This is a problem we have notified Amazon about. They’ve said: ‘Don’t worry, [a customer] can only [crack the territory] before the IT kicks in.’

That’s a response, even if it’s true, I’ve found to be astounding and unacceptable. Once is too much.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

What is wrong with you? No, seriously. What sickness resides in your thinking?

You are complaining because someone wants your product so much they will scheme to get it and pay for it — and doing that is wrong in your mind?

Would you rather they just went and pirated it?

In the circulatory system of business, you are a blood clot!

Identify yourself, coward. So we know who exactly to laugh at.

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