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NookColor: Next!

Filched from Barnes & Noble site (if they have better ones, I don’t really care to look):

So it’s larger than the Nook “classic.”


NookColor: 8.1″ x 5.0″ x 0.48″ – 15.6 oz
Samsung Galaxy Tab: 7.48″ x 4.74″ x 0.46″ – 12 oz
Archos 70IT: 7.91″ x 4.49″ x 0.43″ – 11 oz

So it’s bigger than two other widely-publicized Android tablets.

But it’s not an Android tablet. Its Nookware under an IPS screen with an Android center.

The latest version of the Nook “classic” has been locked down and can’t be rooted. I expect the same safeguards to be in place with this device. So, expect it to be what they say it is: A Nook with a color touchscreen, period.

This sells into the existing Nook market as well as all those people who have wanted a Nook but with color.

The specs page has no mention of PDB, so perhaps the PDB files Mac owners using the Nook desktop software are getting is a temporary condition that will be resolved.

Still, Barnes & Noble is using its own mutant version of Adobe DRM, so even though their books are ePub, they can’t be read on any other device that doesn’t run their Nook software. So, you can’t switch from a Nook to, say, a Kobo Reader and take your books along.

There is still nothing stopping anyone from getting a real Android tablet and running B&N’s Android Nook software on it to have the same general effect but with greater tablet capabilities.

This device does not interest me.


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What We Are Waiting For As Of 10/26/10

Not in any order:

1) Blio Reader (supposed to be arriving 9/28)
2) Google Editions
3) Barnes & Noble PubIt
4) Kobo Reader WiFi
5) Something else I am NDAed about

Possible Myths:

1) Nook II And it’s the NookColor
2) 7″ iPad (despite what Jobs says)
3) Palm Pre II (it exists!)
4) KindlePad
5) BlackBerry PlayBook (which now seems to exist, based on demos yesterday)

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In Search Of … Rubicon’s API Logo

There are still people coming to this blog via queries about the AMC-TV series, Rubicon. One asked for the logo.

The best image of it is probably from episode 12, where Maggie hands Katherine Will’s card:

Basically it’s the globe on a floor surrounded by two walls.

AMC dropped the ball by not providing wallpaper of that!

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Super Sekrit Nook Color

I’m sitting here with some admiration for Barnes & Noble’s ability to keep the rumored Nook Color under wraps. Even Apple has had leaks!

Aside from an image mistakenly posted on their own site, B&N has not leaked for this announcement as it has in the past.

I wonder if this is due to lack of interest on the part of people who usually leak or if something bigger is at stake?

As far as I can envision, the Nook Color will simply be a Nook with a color LCD screen. I don’t expect it to be a true Android Tablet. And given how B&N locked down the later version of the Nook to prevent hacking, I expect the same of this.

And really, what can the reaction be to a Nook with a color LCD screen other than, “Next!”?

So I have to think there’s something else at stake here.

We’ll see at one point today.

Meanwhile, anyone attending that shindig should Man Up and ask Barnes & Noble my four questions.

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